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Swank Mens Fashion
Divinely threaded in the hems of his heart, Owner and Image Consultant, Khnum Alexander constructed Swank Men’s Fashion to be an institute of manhood development. Intricately designed after many years of his professional work in branding and marketing through his robust skills in styling,  photography, website development and creating marketing tools. Khnum is a proven “brandineer” whose knack for creative business has sewn and manifested many successful ventures.  Khnum credits his caring and loving grandparents for the source of his style. Affectionately known as Big Momma, Khnum’s grandmother, instilled in him a uniquely sophisticated sense of style. She described him as having a “je ne sais quoi” about him which 

carried him from boyhood into manhood leaving others to ponder about his mystique. This  je ne sais quoi propelled him to provide unique opportunities the community did not know it needed. Khnum’s grandfather lovingly referred to as Papa, trained him in the art form of fashion tools. Papa carefully taught him how to utilize the family’s shoe shiner and fervently taught him how to tie his neck ties. Stalwartly fastened with the principles of Ma’at and martial arts, Khnum is strongly stitched with entrepreneurship in hair, beauty and collectively fashion. Khnum’s style was haute couture in the rich fabrics of Compton, California where ingenuity are continually embroidered in the anointed  light of artistic and business  experiences at The Creative House.  Now in full form, Swank Men’s Fashion is more than just an exquisite haberdashery, it is an opportunity for males  to fully develop  from inner soul to outward appearance. Swank embodies an institute for cultivating the whole man inside and out, providing high quality men’s apparel as a finishing touch for the men whose style, confidence, and material selections make bold statements for them, without them having to utter a word. It is for the man who is  firmly fastened on the square of who he is internally, and exhibited outwardly as a symbol of a lifestyle of luxury and prestige.

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